#23 “It’s Always About The People” with Scott Mordell - CEO of YPO Global

"If we're going to be better tomorrow we've got to start opening ourselves to different thoughts in the most humble way we can."

EPISODE 23  •  5/29/2019   •   1 hr 23 min

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I'm so excited to get my buddy Scott Mordell in front of my listeners. 


Scott's an amazing guy. He's a leader of leaders. Starting out in the accounting world going to school for accounting in Michigan. Becoming an accountant at a big firm, and then having the opportunity to go to work for an entrepreneur organization like the Duchess group, being mentored by,  just two great guys a father-son, team, Dick-Duchess, and a son Craig, as well, as so many others. He's become such an amazing leader in the world today. 


Plus he's not just a CEO of any normal company, but a CEO of 28,000 CEOs across the globe. How crazy is that? And this guy does an awesome job of guiding this great organization, an organization that has grown from 18,000 members to 28,000 members. 


That has caused people to start pounding on the door to get into YPOs chapters all over the world. 

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