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EPISODE 59  •  03/30/2021  • 1 hr 30 min

Vitality Living is a team of seasoned retirement living professionals passionate about creating vibrant communities for older adults, regardless of physical and/or cognitive challenges. Our goals are to eliminate labels that reinforce stereotypes of aging, to empower choice, and to create environments where all residents are successful.

Charles Hall Construction, LLC, stands near the head of the class as one of the nation's leading builders and developers of senior living, active adult and multi-family communities. Founded in 1998, the company has been widely recognized for innovations it has pioneered to enrich the lifestyle and practical needs of today's families, while meeting the goals and requirements of clients, partners, and residents, alike.

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Show Notes

02:20 Hello!

04:40 Getting to know Charles Hall 

07:30 Finding the right partners for your business 

09:50 Charles’ childhood 

17:50 Charles’ greatest lessons from his parents 

23:00 Meeting Molly and moving to New York  

27:45 Charles’ relationship with his family 

28:35 You can write your own life  

31:50 Starting his own business 

35:45 Building Charles Hall Construction from the ground up 

43:20 Moving to Clarendon Hills 

45:35 Charles Hall Construction and Vitality Living 

59:50 Charles’ new goals  

1:08:50 You have the tools to write your own story 

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