EPISODE 56  •  01/26/2021  • 1 hr 37 min

He created the world’s largest website for finding Filipino Virtual Assistants, OnlineJobs.ph, which has over 1,000,000 Filipino resumes and hundreds of thousands of employers from around the world using it. 

John had a normal "job" for 8 months after college and his biggest goal at that time was to be able to quit that job. He managed to quit back in 2004 and worked from home for himself ever since then. It was in 2006 that he first hired someone from the Philippines, he immediately knew he was onto something special.

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Show Notes

01:30 Getting to know John Jonas  

04:41 How Onlinejobs.ph works  

08:40 John’s childhood 

010:55 Building his own business 

17:40 The importance of adding value  

19:00 How OnlineJobs started 

21:45 Why John decided to build a business with Filipinos 

26:30 John’s relationship with his employees 

35:00 The challenges of hiring virtual VAs  

39:10 Challenges that John faced  

46:00 Training leaders to make the most out of each opportunity 

54:30 How VAs can ease your life  

57:30 Aiming for excellent customer experience 

1:02:47 Why the Philippines is so appealing  

1:04:25 Replacemyself.com  

1:15:16 What John does in his spare time 

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