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Brian Spaly (@BrianSpaly) is currently the General Partner at Brand Foundry Ventures and Executive Chairman at Tecovas, a direct-to-consumer Western Bootmaker based in Austin, TX.


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EPISODE 55  •  01/19/2021  • 1 hr 41 min

Up until January 2017, Brian was Founder and CEO of Trunk Club, where he focused on making it easy for men and women to discover and acquire awesome clothing without the hassles of the traditional shopping experience. 

Prior to leading Trunk Club, Brian founded Bonobos, a men’s clothing company that is famous for the best-fitting pants on earth, by selling trousers out of the trunk of his car during business school in Palo Alto.

Brian holds an MBA from Stanford and an AB degree from Princeton. He is an avid hockey player, cyclist, squash player, and enjoys watersports. He’s completed three Ironman distance triathlons and three adventures to Burning Man. His favorite authors are Roald Dahl, Neal Stephenson, Mark Helprin, and Nicholas Taleb. He is married to Carly Spaly and they have two daughters, Ruthie and Sylvie.

Show Notes

02:30 Getting to know Brian Spaly 

05:15 Discovering his entrepreneurial side  

09:15 The private equity guy who made his own clothes 

11:00 Finding your passion beyond conventional jobs  

15:30 Bonobos’ history and differentiation 

21:30 Success, responsibility, and life lessons from business 

30:45 Letting go of Bonobos 

40:00 Brian’s career with Trunk Club 

49:30 What companies excite Brian Spaly to invest 

1:04:45 Mentors that inspired Brian 

1:11:30 How Brian inspires his team  

1:18:15 Balancing your company’s priorities 

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