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Eva Yazhari (@beyondcapital) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Capital, an impact investment fund founded on the belief that investing is a powerful mindset that can inspire good and improve lives.

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EPISODE 53  •  01/05/2021  • 39 min

Throughout her 16-year career, Eva has worked in the impact investment, finance, and asset management industries. 

Eva built Beyond Capital to be a recognized global brand. Its portfolio improves the lives of a growing 7 million low-income individuals, including investments in Kasha, a technology-driven e-commerce women's health company in East Africa; and Frontier Markets, a fast-growing distribution business providing goods and services for consumers living throughout rural India.

Both companies are targeting addressable markets numbering billions of consumers and are uniquely poised for commercial financial returns as well as social returns.

When it comes to impact measurement, Beyond Capital partners with pioneering firm Proof of Impact to independently verify and track the growth of outcome-linked metrics. 

Eva has interviewed more than 40 purpose-driven leaders to shed light on their professional and personal stories for The Beyond Capital Podcast. She has also explored the various angles of conscious money and living on The Conscious Investor, a weekly online magazine. Eva is also an impact investor. She lives in Dallas, TX, with her family.

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Show Notes

01:30 Changes in business due to COVID  

03:45 The globalization of solutions  

05:30 Identifying a conscious leader  

11:30 How Eva learned from the leaders in her portfolio  

14:15 An insight into the capital raise  

17:45 Do we need to lower expectations on profit for conscious leaders? 

22:30 Balancing ESG factors in a company  

25:30 Finding recession-proof companies  

28:00 Leveraging on your network of leaders  

29:30 Eva’s 10-year vision  

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