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EPISODE 52  •  12/29/2020  • 1 hr 25 min

Dean Vicha has accumulated 27 years in the truck rental and leasing industry. He has held a variety of posts of increasing responsibility up to his current position of President of NationaLease, obtained in 2012. He currently oversees the North American Organization which provides NationaLease Membership with Member to Member Support, Purchasing, National Account Acquisition and Management, and Meeting/Training Coordination to over 900 locations.

In this episode, we talk about his stellar career at NationaLease, the company, and how his experiences shaped him to be the leader he is today. We also talk about his secrets to success and what are the three elements he looks for to know how someone can succeed.

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Show Notes

01:30 Start

03:15 Get to know Dean Vicha’s company, Nationalease 

05:15 What makes Nationalease different  

07:46 The Ace Hardware model 

10:40 Getting to know Dean Vicha  

22:15 Getting a CDL license  

25:45 Dean’s challenges as a leader and lessons 

29:45 Dean’s leadership style 

35:15 Taking responsibility  

38:45 Three elements of success  

46:50 Shifting his focus from sports to education during college 

53:50 How COVID affected the company culture  

56:45 Preparing for 2021  

59:30 Post COVID changes  

1:08:25 Developing your company culture

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