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EPISODE 48  •  9/15/2020  •  1 hr 35 min

He works on long-term initiatives to support the company’s future, including the expansion of career development paths for employees, promotion of the ESD brand and corporate governance. He champions ESD's embrace of globalization and positions the firm to compete in our digital economy. He nurtures ESD’s unique culture and advances its values: respect everyone, work hard and play to win.

In this episode, Raj talks about his journey to success. From the humble beginnings with his parents working for their American Dream, to facing two financial crisis, a pandemic, and innovating their company to the success that it is today.

Watch the Episode on youtube:

Show Notes

6:00 Getting to know Raj

9:00 Raj’s take on failing and failures

14:15 Raj’s family business and how Raj started

23:15 Differentiate or die

28:30 Raj’s education

31:15 Your children joining the family business

36:45 Visionaries in the business

41:30 Raj’s views on mentorship and leadership

47:15 Raj’s three core values

53:15 Applying your company’s culture and values

57:15 Raj’s toughest times in business

1:04:00 Improving indoor air quality

1:13:00 Raj’s company Cohesion

1:18:45 Raj’s take on partnerships

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