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EPISODE 44  •  7/21/2020  •  1 hr 47 min

 Ann now consults with executives and companies across the globe to reverse engineer their moonshot goals and get results. Ann is a sought-after international speaker and is on several advisory boards. Ann has recently relocated from Silicon Valley to Europe and brings with her a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in business today.


In this episode, we talk to Ann about her amazing career with Amazon and Google. She describes her journey from her early years to becoming a name in leadership and management after working with Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt. Now, she manages her own consulting firm and shares to us her learnings and experiences in leadership and striving to be a better CEO.

Show Notes

10:45 Who is Ann Hiatt? 

17:45 Ann’s ‘interview’ for Amazon

22:45 Is grit a factor in getting hired?

24:30 How Ann’s father’s military background help shape her 

33:00 Working in Amazon

35:45 Ann’s biggest challenge at Amazon

38:30 Women leaders

44:15 Ann’s Book

46:45 What makes these great CEOs and Leaders great?

51:00 Being the dumbest person in the room and leadership

56:45 Always being challenged

59:45 What’s Ann Hiatt doing now?

1:07:45 Ann’s experience doing business in Europe

1:13:45 AI needs in companies

1:21:15 Ann’s Moonshot mindset

1:26:00 Smart people with no egos are a recipe to success

1:31:00 Robbie’s take on Ann’s career and journey

1:34:30 Talent is distributed equally, but opportunity is not

1:38:00 Diversity in tech

1:41:30 The value in risk-taking

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