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Michael Crafton is the President and CEO of Nelbud Services Group, a life safety services company he founded in 2005 with $800 and built into a global leader with more than 20 locations and over 30,000 recurring customers. 

EPISODE 32  •  2/4/2020  •  1 hr 19 min

Michael Crafton Corporate Headshot 2019(

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Michael has successfully steered Nelbud through (2) private equity buyouts, multiple buy-side acquisitions, and engineered numerous change management style company transformations over the past 15 years.  Michael has pioneered several industry leading technology platforms that have helped enhance the organization and position itself as a luxury brand.  Michael has a B.S. in Business from Indiana University, is very active in numerous community organizations, and an avid traveler. ( +

Show Notes

3:00 How Michael developed his work ethic

6:45 Who instilled money management in you?

8:45 Never missed practice, but never once looked at a playbook.

12:15 80% of success is showing up

15:15 How important is a friend group for your career/business?

17:15 Value of Networking

18:45 Michael’s business story

25:30 Million dollar lessons from entry level jobs

39:00 Mindset to stay motivated

41:30 Maintaining valuable relationships

52:00 Future of Nelbud?

55:45 How did you come up with CHAPTERS?

58:00 Growth and differentiation

1:02:00 How to avoid chasing shiny objects

1:05:00 Delivering value to customers

1:11:30 Fix what’s wrong instead of firing

1:17:30 Could you have done this in any other country?

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