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Jonathan Slain is a recession expert, speaker, EOS (Traction) implementer, and helps companies slingshot past the competition in downturns.

EPISODE 30  •  11/18/2019  •  1 hr 26 min

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Having come from the world of investment banking, working on mergers and acquisitions, Jonathan has seen firsthand how businesses with successful leadership mistakenly hit plateaus. Now, working exclusively with Founders, Owners, CEOs, and Management Teams, Jonathan uses that experience to help best-in-class companies worldwide achieve their vision of success.


Whether working with entrepreneurial niche/specialty firms or large corporations ($10M+ in annual revenue), the direction and insight Jonathan imparts, positions businesses to advance to levels they dream about often, but rarely achieve on their own.


Jonathan’s book, “Rock the Recession: How Successful Leaders Prepare For, Thrive During, and Create Wealth After Downturns” is available on Amazon (


Use Coupon Code “DDCEO” at to get 50% off the "Rock the Recession" Workbook.

Show Notes

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4:15 Dad was a used car salesman - you can haggle at Best Buy and Home Depot

6:30 Working with family is the BEST way to maintain a great relationship

9:45 Integrity - core value

13:20 First job

15:20 Where does your energy come from?

18:00 Everyone should work for tips at some point in their lives

20:30 How to develop a super strong work ethic

21:00 How a strong work ethic can go wrong

23:30 Hard to read the label when you’re in the jar

25:00 College & first gigs

31:00 Valedictorian - building academic career for a scholarship

34:00 Post-college investment banking - getting involved with brother’s franchise

36:00 Hard time working for someone else, that’s why I’m an entrepreneur

39:00 Leaders making clear paths to leave and come back

40:30 Boring interview questions for a job interview

41:00 Employees coming back to leaders

43:30 Gym investment stories - 30 years old with 30 employees

45:30 Enter “Traction” and the EOS system; most unit ad revenue goals

46:00 No one wants to buy Personal Training sessions in a recession

47:00 Recessions are opportunities as long as you have a plan

49:00 Example of a plan; 70x ROI - “How to thrive and grow during a recession”

50:30 Gary meeting Paul - fast friends - If we didn’t switch to maintenance we’d be in a different business today

52:00 Getting through the Great Recession and writing the book - Discovering his passion

59:00 This project was his recession plan

1:00:00 Inverted yield curve

1:02:30 First steps to helping a new company to become recession-proof; avg score is a 38

1:04:00 Gary - how to be as busy during a recession as you are in a bull market

1:05:00 Which industries to get into to prep for a recession

1:09:30 How to mitigate risk

1:12:30 Core values

1:18:00 Could you have achieved this success anywhere else?

1:22:00 How to rock your life?

1:24:00 Quinton’s true takeaways

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