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"The best networkers are the first to arrive, and the last to leave."

-Kent Emmons

EPISODE 29 PART 1  •  10/28/2019  •  53 min

EPISODE 29 PART 2  •  11/4/2019  •  1 hr 1 min


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Kent Emmons ( is an All-American businessman and entrepreneur who has had a long successful career in the entertainment industry. From humble beginnings mowing yards in Mt. Carmel, IL, to signing top 10 recording artists in Atlanta and creating the 24/7 comedy radio format in Hollywood, he has definitely made his mark across a variety of industries.


Through his group of companies, he focuses on investments, operations and joint ventures in the fields of media, leadership and politics,  finance and international business development.  He shares his personal journey with us and the secret strategies to his success.

Show notes
5:55 - How it all started for Kent

12:10 - His dad was an entrepreneur

13:50 - The value of networking

16:00 - The benefit of curiosity

14:49 - The best networkers are the first to arrive, and the last to leave

17:30 - Kent's college experience

20:45 - Kent's father learned 'real-world experience' from night class teachers

22:06 - Why Q focuses on entrepreneurs who are results-driven

24:50 - The value of shared experiences

25:10 - Ask people on the peripheral

26:10 - Great public school system and education experience

27:30 - Great anecdote about how to be a good writer

30:30 - Meeting a key musician that Kent started managing

36:15 - Growing Lowry Music in Atlanta, GA with Edwin McCain and Top 10 hits

42:00 - Kent's first experience with radio and his genius idea

47:00 - Gary found the secret to his success in Branson, MO

49:26 - Table Rock Lake, Missouri


01:35 - Buying another radio station, using the same format

04:50 - Valuation of the real estate

05:36 - Milton Crabapple

7:00 - Partnering with other radio stations

9:06 - Blue ocean opportunities today in media

11:58 - How Kent figured out this strategy

14:19 - His friend Bob Eubanks from the Newlywed Game

19:45 - Few comedy albums were registered with performing rights organizations back in the old days

28:20 - Infomercials are the least sexy business, but they are effective. “Don’t rely on ratings or traffic”

30:00 - Crazy story of a guy buying radio spots 

33:20 - Sell good products with some dynamic information products

38:04 - Bertie Higgins

40:10 - Kent is focusing on his fully live media product 'Crave News'

49:39 - Mentorship has been everything to his career

51:32 - Retirement

55:54 - Q’s true takeaways

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