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Gary's trip to India followed him home.

EPISODE 28  •  10/7/2019  •  1 hr 4 min

Gary took a trip to India to find out more about some potentially world changing cancer treatments. Tune in as he shares his experiences and the lessons he learned interacting with people from different walks of life.

Show Notes

Watch the presentation on youtube:

1:00- Gary’s principle - “respect all, fear none”
6:10- Golfing in India
8:10- Gary gives his driver some entrepreneurial tips
10:20- Gary on experiencing a festival, his driver’s home and Indian hospitality
15:30- Visiting the doctor
19:10- Brain cancer procedures coming from India
22:10- Amazing medical innovation
23:10- Water treatment and medical advancements with 30-year-old technology
27:30- Drawing water from the air
29:40- A vacation in Dubai
37:00- Gary’s takeaways from India
42:00- How the Indian people respect everything and fear nothing
44:15- Entrepreneurship in India, specifically businesses that help people
51:45- Q&A time

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