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“Surround yourself with people that are better at the things that you aren’t good at or don’t want to do and focus on your strengths in business.”

-Austin Rabine

EPISODE 27 PART 1  •  9/23/2019  •  41 min

EPISODE 27 PART 2  •  9/30/2019  •  44 min

Austin Rabine started SITE as a pavement assessment service that utilizes modern technology to give their customers in-depth analysis and reporting on their properties. Austin set out to create a product that was an easy way to show businesses a portfolio of their property maintenance items so they can make quick and informed decisions.


Austin is the son of our host Gary Rabine, who adds color to the early days of Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit.

In Austin's own words about SITE: “One of our clients had a 3 million square foot distribution center and wanted to zoom in and find a penny on the ground that he knew was there, and he did.”

Show Notes

Watch part 1 on youtube:

Watch part 2 on youtube:


4:20- Gary just got back from India, shares his experience

9:00- Introducing Austin and what he learned from his parents

11:10- First official job - mowing lawns

15:45- How Austin learned to invoice and made $1000 per week at age 14

19:40- Playing sports and maintaining the business

21:45- Learning financial lessons through insurance and car accidents

24:20- How to get out of a ticket #UglyCry

26:10- Austin's perspective on college

30:00- The family business

33:30- How Austin started working with Nick Mathey

35:10- How did Austin differentiate himself?

37:00- The most important pitfall to avoid as an entrepreneur

38:25- Surrounding yourself with good people who are good at what you are not


1:34- Designing SITE and building a network of thousands of drone pilots
10:20- Current properties assessed: Faster. Better. Cheaper.
12:40- How did Austin get customers to buy in?
20:00- How to maintain relationships with great clients
26:00- What is Austin learning?
27:00- How to create a fun environment
30:40- Could Austin's business happen in any other country?
33:10- Competitors and innovations
37:30- Quinton's true takeaways
39:35- Quinton's new baby boy

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