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"This [NCSA] can change communities. When it becomes the expectation that you go to college rather than the outlier that got to go to college."

-Chris Krause

EPISODE 26 PART 1  •  8/5/2019  •  45 min

EPISODE 26 PART 2  •  8/12/2019  •  43 min

Chris Krause founded Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) in 2000 with a passion to help turn dreams into reality.

Chris realized his passion for recruiting after earning a full football scholarship to play in the SEC at Vanderbilt University. NCSA has quickly become the leader in helping match college coaches with qualified high school athletes through education and technology. Since its inception, NCSA has helped more than 100,000 student-athletes receive over $8 billion in scholarships.

Today NCSA currently employs more than 500 former collegiate athletes, has strategic partnerships with organizations like IMG, the NFL players association and State of California Athletic Directors. NCSA also ranks #26 in Inc. Magazine's fastest growing companies in Education, #13 in Crain's Fast 50 and has been recognized as one of the best places to work.

Chris is currently promoting his first book, Athletes Wanted and is scheduled to finish his second book, Athleadership, in 2020.

Show Notes

Watch part 1 on youtube:

Watch part 2 on youtube:


1:34- Introduction
6:00- Origin story
7:20- Experience caddying and honing interpersonal skills
12:05- Started playing football in 4th grade
17:10- High school football team inspired National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA)
20:15- He was his own first client
25:10- How he transitioned to building a business
29:55- How to make sales a win-win
32:50- Getting employees excited about the vision and making it scalable
37:00- How to hit your 5 year goal in 18 months
41:20- Dealing with continuity and rapid growth


1:34- Chris Krause really knows 'why' he's doing the work he does

7:00- Graduating with a meaningful degree + 'athleadership' is a competitive edge

10:30- 5 aspects of championship culture

13:15- The importance of making and achieving a game plan

19:45- Chris's thoughts on mentorship

27:00- Chris's next goals

30:30- Could Chris have built this business anywhere else?

34:30- Interview with Chris Krause Jr.

39:30- Quinton's true takeaways

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