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This episode is a throwback to DDCEO's roots.

EPISODE 22  •  5/5/2019  •  1 hr 37 min

The "Ditch Digger CEO" is a podcast for trailblazers. It’s about climbing to the top of the ladder no matter where you start. It's for those with big, bold ideas who want to learn from the experiences of some of the most successful people in the world. This is a show about those who grow their businesses from nothing to million- or even billion-dollar enterprises. 

Often beginning their journey in ‘dead-end’ jobs, as single parents, or working multiple part-time gigs with only their grit and work ethic to work with. 


Our guests are shining examples of success against the odds that want to share all the secrets of how they achieved their incredible success. With Gary Rabine (of Rabine Group) and Quinton James (of True Mentors) as your hosts, this is an inspirational business podcast that gives relatable, actionable, real-life advice from trailblazers that have been there. 


Gary and Quinton bring their tough questions, fresh perspectives, and business-savvy to the podcast’s spirited dialogue on how to get ahead in whatever industry you are in. 


Our goal is that these tips and mindsets will encourage you to turn your dreams into ambition, making your situation a little more enjoyable, profitable, and at the very least, wildly successful. 


Our guest lineup includes some extremely exciting and inspirational personalities, including the founder of Jimmy John’s, the co-founder of RedBox, sports stars & legends, and so many more. 


Launch yourself forward with Ditch Digger CEO. 

Show Notes

Watch the highlights on youtube:

5:00 Motivation from when people tell you you can't do something 
9:00 Gary’s Family 
15:30 Why Gary Started DDCEO 
28:30 How did the Rabine Group get started 
36:00 Gary's thoughts on the best way to start a business in 2018 
42:30 "Do's and Don'ts" when working with family 
45:00 The importance of mentors 
55:00 How to stay positive in the face of certain doom 
60:00 Growing to $200 million in revenue from 2004-2013 
1:10:00 How Rabine Group was able to thrive during the 2008 recession 
1:13:30 The importance of NOT being the smartest guy in the room 
1:16:00 How to use differentiation to drive your growth 
1:21:00 The importance of philanthropy 
1:30:00 Why should you listen to DDCEO? 
1:31:00 Quinton's True Takeaways

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