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Ditch Digger Ceo

with Gary Rabine

Ditch Digger CEO is a podcast that makes entrepreneurial wisdom from the world's greatest business minds accessible for professionals everywhere. We tell the real stories of people who have risen to the top. Their raw wisdom, unfiltered mistakes, and the lessons they've learned along the way go straight from their mouths to your ears.

We're here to remind our listeners that big dreams, hard work, and persistence can make any corner of the world brighter and bolder. Whether you're a veteran CEO and entrepreneur or you're just starting out, Ditch Digger CEO can be your secret sauce to success, differentiation, and how to get ahead in a meaningful, fulfilling way.






5/26/2020  •  1 hour and 27 mins

Daniel Porcaro has spent the past 33 years growing and developing four companies.  Growing companies is his passion.  He is passionate about long-term revenue and profit growth through the development and execution of a strategic plan and the development of a strong culture.

Sylvie (1).jpg

5/12/2020  •  1 hour and 9 mins

Marc Randolph (@thatwillneverwork) is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. Marc was co-founder of Netflix, serving as their founding CEO,  the executive producer of their web site, and a member of their board of directors. 


4/28/2020  •  1 hour and 28 mins

David Hassell is a business columnist, speaker, and serial entrepreneur who believes that when leaders institute cultural practices that support each person in being their best self, high performance and uncommon loyalty naturally result.


4/14/2020  •  1 hour and 24 mins

BONNIE LOW-KRAMEN (@BonnieLowKramen) is an international thought leader, speaker, bestselling author, and the founder and CEO of Ultimate Assistant Training. 


3/31/2020  •  1 hour and 42 mins


3/16/2020  •  52 min


3/3/2020  •  80 min

Scott Robinson (www.rrgexec.com) has 35 years of experience in the human capital industry. After founding and leading the largest full-service human resources firm in the Midwest


Ditch-Digger CEO is a podcast on climbing to the top of the ladder no matter where you start. It's for those with big, bold ideas who want to learn from the experiences of some of the most successful people in the world. 



Gary Rabine

In the Spring of 1981, Gary Rabine was a senior in high school trying to decide which way his future would go. While his friends were busy preparing for college, Gary was dreaming of starting a landscaping or paving business. With the experience he gained laboring and running heavy equipment for his dad's small business, he new he could do it. 


One afternoon in his schools cafeteria, surrounded by college-bound friends, Gary was asked what his college plans were. When he replied that he planned to save money to start a business, a smart ass friend eagerly termed him a "Ditch-Digger", loudly laughing “Gary's going to be a Ditch Digger”. 


Gary harnessed this memory and used it to motivate him to walk his own path. 37 years later, Gary Rabine has grown Rabine Paving and many others businesses which are now the Rabine Group of Companies. This podcast is about stories like his. From "ditch-digger" to the founder/CEO of a national facilities services empire.   

Quinton James

Quinton James is a founding partner of True Mentors, a unique and dynamic mentorship platform that connects young entrepreneurs with successful CEOs and business leaders. 


Quinton brings a great sense of humor and energy to our Ditch-Digger CEO podcast. Raised on the South Side of Chicago, he questions our guest from a young, fresh paradigm, one that values work ethic and execution.


His questions always help to bring out the secrets of our guests' success. Quinton gives great insight on how stories can inspire, motivate, and offer hard-but-valuable truths about the journey to success. 


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